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Crypto Hopper has implemented cutting edge technology to provide traders with a highly accurate trading algorithm. Our software has a second time leap, which means the algorithm is actually ahead of the general market and is able to capitalize on future movements consistently.


Crypto Hopper’s algorithm uses 22 different fundamental, technical and sentimental indicators in analyzing markets and identifying lucrative trading opportunities. Most of our traders report earning a minimum of a thousand dollars consistently on a daily basis. Some investors make even more than that with many becoming self-made millionaires. This is one opportunity you do not want to miss out on.


Crypto Hopper has put in place the highest level security protocols available. We have also taken advantage of the latest security technology advancements. This ensures that your personal and financial information will be safe and secure. You can rest assured that you will be fully protected from illicit and fraudulent activities. Crypto Hopper is one of the safest trading platforms available today.


Crypto Hopper users make on average a minimum of a thousand dollars per day with almost no work or effort. Our trading software is completely automated which means it only takes a few minutes per day to monitor the software. Once you have adjusted trading parameters and turned on the automated feature, the software will do the rest for you.
It is as simple as it gets!


Steve K.
Nashville, TN
“I had been hearing from my brother for months about this amazing software for trading. I had dabbled in trading before but never with automated software. Well, watching my brother make a ton of money got me understandably curious, so I signed up for a Crypto Hopper account. I immediately started making over a thousand dollars per day. This software is for real!”
Lily R.
Omaha, NE
“I was already making a good living from trading stocks when I first heard about the Crypto Hopper software. I never had too much success with automated trading applications, but many of my colleagues swore this one was different. So, after using the Crypto Hopper for a few months, it has become quite clear that this is legitimate trading software. I have almost doubled my usual income from trading the markets.”
Jill J.
San Francisco, C
“Things were getting pretty tough for me. I was taking care of my ill mother and then I also was laid off from my job. The bills and debt were starting to pile up and I was having trouble finding employment. This is when I happened to stumble upon the Crypto Hopper. Given, I had nothing much to lose, since the software is free, I gave it a shot. The profits I am making now are amazing. I am completely out of debt and can focus on caring for my mother.”


Crypto Hopper aims to provide you with the best trading experience possible. This is why we have strictly vetted our chosen broker partners to only include the most reputable and dependable brokers in the industry. Therefore, you can rest assured that your funds will be safe and the platform will be responsive. Crypto Hopper makes sure you have all the tools you need for success.


You do not have to do too much work in order to make consistent profits with the Crypto Hopper trading software. Since the software can be fully automated, the advanced algorithm will analyze markets for you. Once a profitable trading opportunity is identified, the software will execute the trade on your behalf. Also, the algorithm trades 24/7, making sure there are no missed opportunities.


Your safety and security is our top priority here at the Crypto Hopper. We have implemented the latest encryption techniques to protect your confidential information, both financial and personal. Additionally, our carefully vetted broker partners have implemented the best available security technology. You can be sure that you are always protected from fraudulent or illicit activities.




Registering for a new account is simple and fast. Find the registration form located on the Crypto Hopper website’s homepage. There is no charge to register for a new account. Your new trading account will be activated within minutes.



Upon activation of your new trading account, it will be time to fund your account with the capital required to maintain your positions in the markets. The initial minimum deposit is only $250, making the software accessible for most people.



Once your account has been funded, you will be ready to start making profits from the cryptocurrency markets. Set your preferred trading parameters and then just turn on the automated trading feature. The software will do the rest.

Crypto Hopper Trading Software

The main objective behind the Crypto Hopper is to empower as many everyday people as possible to have access to the cryptocurrency markets. Now, most of our traders earn a minimum of a thousand dollars daily. Best of all, most of our users are just average people who are now able to achieve success in the financial markets, not just those on Wall Street. With just a few minutes per day to manage the software, the automated application will execute profitable trades in your account without you having to do hardly anything.

Our groundbreaking trading software is perfect for both beginner and advanced traders. Since the advanced algorithm is highly accurate and automated, even novice traders can consistently make a profit from trading cryptocurrency markets. More advanced traders can use the software to enhance their trading results as well as diversify their portfolios.

Is This a Good Time to be Trading Cryptocurrency Markets?

Although it seems like you may have missed out on your chance to strike it rich with cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin peaked at the end of 2017 at just under $20,000, there is still plenty of profit potential for the cryptocurrency markets. The occasional volatility in the market is notable, however, these fluctuations provide significant potential for profit if you can execute trades with the correcting timing.

This is where the Crypto Hopper trading software comes in. Our powerful algorithm has an incredibly high rate of accuracy. Also, since the software can be completely automated, the application executes all of the trades for you, which means you do not have to spend hours upon hours in front of your computer screen looking at price charts and waiting for a profitable trading opportunity.


Crypto Hopper empowers traders of all experience levels with the ability to achieve success in the cryptocurrency markets. Our groundbreaking application implements the latest technological advancements in order to provide highly-accurate trade signals.

Crypto Hopper users have regularly reported earning well over a thousand dollars per day. This is the type of income which can completely transform the lives of most people. Also, Crypto Hopper is completely free to access. There really is not much to lose.

Register for a free Crypto Hopper trading account now!

WHY IS Crypto Hopper THE BEST?

Crypto Hopper is the industry-leading automated trading software for the cryptocurrency markets. The following are some reasons why Crypto Hopper is the best choice for all investors:

Free Trading Software

Crypto Hopper provides access to our powerful software for absolutely free. This means you will not be charged to register for a new account. You will also not have to worry about commissions and will not be charged to make deposits or withdrawals. There are no hidden fees at all.


Wide Array of Trading Instruments

As a Crypto Hopper user, you will have access to a large variety of tradable assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, BAT, IOTA and Bitcoin Cash. You will also be able to choose to trade Forex, stocks and commodities.


No Need For Downloading Software

There is no need to download any type of software in order to trade with the Crypto Hopper. Our trading software is completely web-based. All you need is a device that can run a web browser.


Highly Accurate Algorithm

Crypto Hopper provides users with the latest algorithmic technology.


Streamlined Registration Process

It is fast and simple to register for a new trading account with Crypto Hopper. After you have submitted the registration form, your new account will be activated within minutes.


Make Profits Everyday

You will be earning profits on a daily basis with the Crypto Hopper. Since the algorithm keeps scanning markets 24 hours per day, seven days per week, you will never miss out on any lucrative trade opportunities.


Low Required Investment

We have aimed to make the Crypto Hopper as accessible as possible. This is why the minimum required initial deposit is only $250.


Hassle-Free Withdrawals and Deposits

It is easy to make deposits and withdraw funds with your free Crypto Hopper trading account. We accept most major credit and debit cards. Crypto Hopper also accepts eWallets and bank wire transfers.


Demo Trading

Crypto Hopper comes with a demo account feature which allows you to give the software a try without having to use real money.


Customer Service

Our customer support team is courteous, professional and highly-knowledgeable. You can be sure that our representatives will have solutions to your questions.

Crypto Hopper Powerful Advantages

Below is a list of just some of the numerous advantages Crypto Hopper offers to traders of all levels:

Crypto Hopper has implemented Virtual Private Server (VPS) integration which allows the software to execute trades with little latency.

Demo Account

As a Crypto Hopper user, you will be able to use our demo trading feature to test out the software with a simulated market before going live with real capital. You will have unlimited time to use the demo feature to ensure you are well prepared when finally trading live.

Time Leap

This groundbreaking trading software has a 0.01 second time leap, which allows the algorithm to literally be ahead of the general market. This is an unprecedented advantage over many other traders in the market.

Highly Customizable

The Crypto Hopper software can be customized to fit your trading goals and tolerance for risk. Also, you can switch back and forth between automated and manual trading.


Does it cost anything to access the Crypto Hopper?

It costs you absolutely nothing to access this powerful trading software. There are no fees to register a new account, no charge for deposits and withdrawals, no commissions and no hidden fees whatsoever.

How much can I earn by trading with the Crypto Hopper?

Crypto Hopper traders make on average around a thousand dollars per day. However, many traders report making even more than this. How much you make depends on how much you invest and your risk tolerance. There is no limit to the amount of profit you can earn with the Crypto Hopper.

How much work will I need to do to consistently profit from Crypto Hopper?

It really does not take much work at all to earn consistent income from the Crypto Hopper. Just a few minutes per day to monitor the software is all that is needed. The automated algorithm will do the rest, making you passive income.

Is Crypto Hopper Legitimate?

Crypto Hopper is definitely not a scam. This is a legitimate trading software which can make you massive profits in the cryptocurrency markets.

Does Crypto Hopper have anything to do with Affiliate Marketing or MLM?

Our trading software has no connection to Affiliate Marketing and has nothing to do with MLM.

What is the cost of using the Crypto Hopper software?

Crypto Hopper doesn’t cost a dime to use. It is free for all Crypto Hopper members.

Is Crypto Hopper an MLM or an Affiliate Marketing?

No, it is not. The Crypto Hopper generates daily profits for investors by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.